Success stories

Metasearch service is a true success!

Monte Hotels

After three years and three months of collaboration with Bookassist, we can assure you that it was the right choice. Our decision to sign for Metasearch Digital Marketing service has turned out to be a true success reaching 26% revenue through the direct channel, with very considerable increases during the first quarter. We are lucky that we can count on Bookassist professionals to manage our Metasearch cost-per-click campaigns, achieving average ROIs of €37 (with peaks of € 50!), which is spectacular. In the beginning, we were dubious about the success of Metasearch campaigns. Having seen the excellent results month after month, we have increased the budget and the number of channels to show rates from our official website, starting with Google Hotel Ads, then Trivago and finally Tripadvisor. The fight to decrease dependence on OTAs is very challenging however, thanks to the strategies agreed with Bookassist and a proper pricing policy, we have managed to reduce this dependency by 4%. There is still work to be done, but we are on the right road. These results are acheived based on mutual trust along with continuous monitoring by our account manager. In conclusion: It's a winner.

Francisco SanchezSales Manager, Monte Hotels.

Our annual GDS revenue has grown to nearly €1 Million!

Camden Court Hotel

We have been using Bookassist's GDS solution for a number of years and have seen steady growth in GDS revenue year on year. Our annual GDS revenue has grown to nearly €1 Million! The Bookassist GDS team is always quick to help and their expertise and knowledge has played a vital role in our GDS success. Bookassist's integrated agency commission payment system means we only deal with one GDS invoice per month compared to the large volume we had to deal with in the past when dealing with individual travel agent invoices. The net result is a huge amount of time saved.

Denise CorboyDirector of Sales, Camden Court Hotel.

Over 40% of reservations now come from metasearch

Prim Hotels (Venetia Palace, Trevi Palace, Navona Palace, The K Boutique Hotel)

The decision to integrate Bookassist metasearch into the marketing plan of Prim Hotels, a group of 3 properties, has proved to be extraordinarily effective in just a short space of time to increase direct sales and decrease OTA dependence. Thanks to Bookassist support, we have optimized the Hotel presence on different platforms, improving the ranking placements (65 positions up in Tripadvisor ranking!) and strengthening our presence through a constant media content management. Several actions have been made, such as profile creation, picture and description updates, and type of accommodation classification. All allowing us to increase the hotels rating month-on-month.

Combining these features with a meticulous management of the cost-per-click campaign, to date we have achieved results above all expectations, over 40% of reservations come from Metasearch, with a cost of acquisition decisively lower than other sales channels. For this reason, I recommend to collaborate with the Bookassist Metasearch specialists for all of the Hotels still currently not active on those platforms.

Just think we have already planned to invest on Metasearch for our new The K Boutique Hotel, even before opening the hotel!

Marco PiattoniGM, Prim Hotels (Venetia Palace, Trevi Palace, Navona Palace, The K Boutique Hotel).

In the last 6 months we have increased our revenue of direct bookings by 100%

Hotel Golden Crown & Hotel Deminka Palace (managed by My House Travel), Prague

I started to work with Bookassist in 2010 and immediately I experienced their professionality and expertise about increasing direct booking for my Hotel. During these years, any time I was managing or opening a NEW Hotel I always contacted Bookassist to get their services. At the moment I’m managing 6 Hotels and a number of apartments in Prague, all of them with Booking Engine and Web Site design and CMS by Bookassist. I can say that we have built a very strong partnership, we are having regular meetings to plan new strategies and new goals. Both parties are focus to increase direct reservations and during 2017 we are still growing and growing, in the last 6 months (2017) we have increased our revenue of direct bookings of 100%, very important result after 7 years of collaboration. I recommend Bookassist to every Hotel that would like to be focus on direct bookings.

Luigi PagliaciDirector of Sales, Marketing and Revenue , Hotel Golden Crown & Hotel Deminka Palace (managed by My House Travel), Prague.

They helped us increase direct sales, which have reached 50% of total turnover

Hôtel Secret de Paris

We have been collaborating with Bookassist since 2010. At first, we were only hoping for a great booking engine and Bookassist had an excellent reputation in this field. Facts have proven us right, the customer experience is excellent, timeless, and the system has never gone offline one single time in 7 years.

However, the efficiency and the reliability of the booking engine have become a minor aspect of the perceived benefits. We had no idea that a great team of highly trained professionals would study every aspect of our whole online marketing strategy to help us increase our direct sales, which have reached 50% of our total turnover.

Christophe MendjelOwner, Hôtel Secret de Paris.

We have grown our conversion rates and direct revenue by 300%

Gleneagle Hotel Group, Killarney

We have been working with Bookassist Digital Marketing Team since 2011 to enhance our Hotel group’s online presence through implementation of better SEO and Google AdWords practice.

Bookassist has played a major role in enhancing brand awareness for us within the digital space. As well as driving website traffic and acquiring customers, we have grown our conversion rates and direct revenue by 300%. Ciaran and his team at Bookassist are a pleasure to work with. They really have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to new initiatives in the world of digital marketing. Our close collaboration has enabled us to be very early adopters of every new digital advertising option and as a result have stayed ahead of our competition and seen great returns for our hotels. Each year we are trusting more and more of our marketing budget to Digital as we see such growth year after year.

As a result, we have extended our reliance on Bookassist to manage our SEO and SEM for our Convention Centre (KCC) and National Entertainment Venue (INEC). Bookassist work with you on a journey to plan and execute campaigns, they do not over promise, they do not look for a quick fix, they strategize, and the results speak for themselves. After only 4 months we have seen tremendous organic growth, greater brand visibility, traffic growth, and can finally track ROI due to the correct set up of analytics. I would highly recommend Bookassist Digital to any business looking to establish a strong on-line presence.

Valerie SteinbeckGroup Marketing & Ecommerce Manager, Gleneagle Hotel Group, Killarney.

Direct business growing significantly year on year, shows no sign of slowing down

The Connacht Hotel, Galway

With Bookassist we really do feel like we are in a “Partnership”. We work very closely together to ensure that both parties are successful. With Bookassist’s guidance and support we have been able to grow our direct business significantly year on year and it shows no sign of slowing down

Eveanna RyanGroup Sales & Marketing Manager, The Connacht Hotel, Galway.

Direct Sales went from 2% to 20% of our business since working with Bookassist

Guadalpin Suites, Marbella

Working with Bookassist has been a pleasure. Since we started the collaboration, the whole Bookassist team has focused on boosting the sale of the engine and increasing traffic. Direct Sales went from 2% to almost 20% of our business since working with Bookassist. This not only implies an increase in revenue, it also improves the loyalty of the customer that when booking, experiences a feeling of comfort and trust unequaled to that of OTAs. The Digital Marketing team is always willing to help and especially advise what strategies should be followed from SEO through SEM to social media. They encompass everything very well and the coordination between them is great. Since starting with Bookassist, and from now on, I can dedicate more to educating the client as to why book direct is beneficial both for them and for the hotel. This would not have been possible without such an attentive and well coordinated team.

Eduardo GarcíaSales Manager, Guadalpin Suites, Marbella.

Our results have been spectacular, a three-fold increase (322%) in direct online sales

Gran Hotel Monterrey, Lloret de Mar

We would say that the experience working with Bookassist has been excellent, not only because of the CRS that is very powerful and evolved, but the most fundamental and important part is the people that make up the team - each and every one of them has a clear direction and know at all times the actions should be implemented. Our results have been spectacular, a three-fold increase (322%) in direct online sales, something I've never seen in my long career. The Digital Marketing Department is highly skilled and constantly up-skilling, on top of all the emerging developments in this increasingly fast-moving world. Definitely an experience and a great success working with Bookassist.

Paco Arrufat Director e-Commerce , Gran Hotel Monterrey, Lloret de Mar .

A very successful relationship!

Buswells Hotel, Dublin

Buswells Hotel will pass the million mark of direct business this year through our Bookassist-built website and booking engine! That's what you call a very successful relationship!

Paul Gallagher FIHIGeneral Manager, Buswells Hotel, Dublin.

We doubled our direct sales, in some hotels even more than double

CPI Hotels, Czech Republic

With Bookassist, we succeeded in creating a really professional website and doubled our group direct sales, in some hotels even more than double. Collaboration with the Bookassist Czech team is on a daily basis and is really effective. At Bookassist seminars, besides learning the basics of online marketing, you will also learn about technology updates that are becoming available, and get recommendations on sophisticated social networking marketing etc. I recommend Bookassist seminars if you want to stay on top of what's new and gain more in-depth knowledge of how invest effectively in applying new technologies to direct hotel business.

Martina KudrnovskáDirector of Sales and Marketing, CPI Hotels, Czech Republic.

Real depth of knowledge and experience

InterContinental Park Lane, London

We’re delighted with our new website. The Bookassist team have shown real depth of knowledge and experience, and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Stephen MoranMarketing Manager, InterContinental Park Lane, London.

We highly recommend Bookassist to our colleagues in the hotel industry

Kremslehner Hotels

Kremslehner Hotels first started working just with the Bookassist booking engine. We had experience in this field before, working with other firms, however Bookassist proved themselves very quickly and the team did an excellent job in reviewing and making suggestions to improve conversion on our website. Our direct bookings increased rapidly. So it was the obvious choice for us to have Bookassist design and host our brand new website. We are very satisfied with the services of the booking engine as well with the support and expertise of the whole team, who answer promptly all our questions and are very helpful. We highly recommend Bookassist to our colleagues in the hotel industry.

Mag. Vera KremslehnerGeneral Manager, Kremslehner Hotels.

We have trusted Bookassist with everything that is critical to perform professionally online

Hotel Boltzmann & Hotel-Pension Bleckmann

We have trusted Bookassist with everything that is critical to perform professionally online - website, booking engine, SEO, Google Analytics and Adwords - since 2011. Bookassist's philosophy is based on “partnership”. We have found the entire Bookassist team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional, easy to work with. They have the ability to clearly understand our business requirements and also the needs of our guests. They consistently deliver high quality solutions for our business and have proven themselves to be an innovative and competent top class supplier. In short: No other booking engine converts as fast, efficient and cost effective as Bookassist. We consider Bookassist an important strategic partner for our properties and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Jennifer MüllnerManaging Director, Hotel Boltzmann & Hotel-Pension Bleckmann.

We have substantially increased our direct bookings

Rhön Park Hotel

Since June of 2012, we have been working closely together with Bookassist. We have substantially increased our direct bookings. We are very pleased with the support and appreciate the flexible attitude and guidance of the Bookassist team to assist us in improving our revenues.

Ben BaarsDirektor, Rhön Park Hotel .
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